Pool Maintenance

Find all you need to keep your pool clean and maintained with our selection of swimming pool cleaning products at The Pool Factory.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of pool cleaning products are available in your collection?

Our Pool Maintenance collection includes a variety of products, such as Automatic Pool Cleaners, Floating Tablet Dispensers, Leaf Skimmers, Pool Vacuum Heads, Pool Hoses, Pool Maintenance Kits, and more to meet your pool cleaning needs.

What items are in your pool cleaning kits?

Yes, many of our Deluxe Pool Cleaning Kits, featuring items like telescopic poles, leaf skimmers, pool brushes, vacuum hoses and weighted vacuum heads, for added convenience.

What is the price range for maintenance products?

The price range varies, starting from $4+ for individual items like HydroTools Floating Duck Chlorine Tablet Dispenser - HydroTools Floating Duck Chlorine Tablet Dispenser price starts at $16.99

Can I find customer reviews for maintenance items?

Absolutely! We value customer feedback. You can find reviews for each product, giving you insights into real user experiences and helping you make informed decisions.

How do I maintain my pool with your products?

Check out our helpful articles in the "Pool Care" section of our blog, covering topics like "How To Vacuum Your Above Ground Pool" and "How To Find and Repair A Leak In Your Swimming Pool" for expert tips on effective pool maintenance.

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