Above Ground Pool Covers

The Pool Factory™ offers the best in swimming pool covers. Whether you are looking for a solar cover, winter cover, or a pool leaf net cover, we have the cover you are looking for. We also have premium pool covers like our Super Heavy XXtreme Winter Covers and our Space Age Silver/Blue Solar Covers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of pool covers does The Pool Factory offer for above-ground pools?

The Pool Factory offers a variety of covers, including solar covers, winter covers, and leaf net covers, designed specifically for pools. These covers cater to different needs throughout the year.

How do I choose the right size pool cover for my above-ground pool?

The collection allows you to filter covers by size, including round and oval shapes. You can select the appropriate size based on your pool dimensions, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal coverage.

Can I find covers suitable for specific pool shapes, such as oval or round?

Absolutely! Our collection allows you to filter covers by shape, making it convenient to find covers tailored to your pool's unique shape, whether it's round or oval.

Are there specific covers recommended for leaf protection?

Yes, leaf net covers in our collection are designed specifically for leaf protection. These covers help keep leaves and debris out of your pool, making spring opening or the end of the pool season easier.

Can I finance my pool cover purchase with Affirm?

Yes, The Pool Factory offers financing options through Affirm, providing flexibility in purchasing the ideal cover for your above-ground pool.

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